Leader Sentry

This LEADER Sentry Building Stabilisation monitor is designed to be immediately operational and very simple to use. Supplied as a self-contained system with its own power supply, the unit can be used almost anywhere. The LEADER Sentry alerts Search & Rescue teams of imminent danger from structural collapse or the movement of any mass which may harm or impede rescuers.


A harmless laser is sited on the potentially dangerous site or structure and the LEADER Sentry continually monitors for any slight movement. In addition, it can be used to monitor any movement of mass or material which might slide and endanger life during rescues involving mud slides, avalanches, unsafe vehicles or similar hazards.


Either mounted on a telescopic tripod or by using a high performing sucker pad for vehicular mounting, the LEADER Sentry can detect a pre-selected movement accurately up to a distance of 30m (98ft). A telescopic sight allows the user to precisely pinpoint the laser on the target area. The LEADER Sentry display will indicate the distance from the unit to the target area and display the variance of movement up to the pre-selected alarm threshold.


The LEADER Sentry will alarm at pre-determined thresholds. These thresholds can be selected in increments between 5mm and 100mm or 0.2 inches to 4.0 inches.


The LEADER Sentry detects movement in the direction of the laser beam. Rescuers can select a maximum movement tolerance in increments. This is useful when the operation is executed in adverse weather conditions or when there is an acceptable tolerance of movement naturally occurring in the structure. The fluctuation is displayed on the unit until it reaches the threshold. Should the structure move greater than the distance selected, it will immediately trigger a piercing 98dB audible alarm.


Two LEADER Sentry systems can be linked together via the

Leader sentry product

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