SC 250 E2

Whether in civil defence, first response or urban search and rescue (USAR), when casualties are hard to reach, every pound counts for rescue tools and the light and compact SC 250 E2 becomes an indispensable companion.


Maximum mobility


With unique eDRAULIC technology, you can rescue without power units and hoses but with complete freedom of movement. Besides that, the SC250E2 is ready for action at the press of a button. Get to work right away when it counts!


Compact power


The handy all-rounder, especially for operations where access is difficult, such as narrow tunnels or natural disasters: Cutting and spreading with a single tool and maximum flexibility in operation thanks to its size, low weight and eDRAULIC.


Save time


For its weight class, the SC250E2 demonstrates convincing cutting performance for preliminary work at rescue sites. Continue working without changing tools, spreading even narrowest openings with the flat tip to free injured people. Save time and react fast in emergencies.


Related Benefits


Whenever weight is the important factor: SC250E2!
Like the bigger model, the SC357E2, the smaller, lighter SC250E2 is equipped with the proven star grip control for the simplest and most intuitive operation on the market




  • Even lighter: only 16.5 kg (with battery)!
  • Even more compact for improved handling
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Size and weight reduced for maximum freedom of movement
  • Cutting and spreading without tool change
  • Short opening and closing times for fast work
  • Especially suited to advance vehicles, motorcycles or helicopters
  • For operations at mass accidents or in rough terrain
  • Powered by an optimised high-performance rescue battery
  • Independent of external power sources; total freedom with battery operation
  • Unlimited operation with power supply cable


NEW: Superior battery technology with doubled capacity


Our newly developed high-performance rescue battery now has a capacity of 5 Ah. That means twice the operating time in real rescue operations. We’ve also significantly improved the ergonomics of battery change. And of course the batteries are backward-compatible so they can also be used with first-generation eDRAULIC tools.

SC 250 E2

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